What Our Clients Say
  • From the moment I met Dr. Mike on a medical mission trip to Russia, and before my first child was born (who's now 16), I knew that he would be the one looking after my boys dental needs (we have two sons). He's the best dentist ever, and treats all patients like his own children. I wish I could have him as my own personal dentist, but I'm too big.
    -Gary Bogdon, Orlando

  • Dr. Mike and his staff have been so wonderful through a long process after an accident our son had. He fell in the shower one evening and broke off his two front permanent teeth. Other than biannual checkups, I really did not know Dr. Mike. When I called Dr. Mike for help at 9pm, I did not know how he would respond. He was so nice and immediately helped calm me. He left his child’s soccer game to meet us at his office. Our son was in a lot of pain and we were both very worried, but Dr. Mike had a soothing and calming effect on us that night. We have had a long road in recovery, but every time that I called his office, his staff have always been so kind and accommodating. We really appreciate everything he has done for us.
    -Stephanie, Orlando

  • When our daughter was 2 years old she needed a lot of special dental attention. Naturally, the entire experience was terrifying for her and heartbreaking for us. She could not have been in better hands however, than those of Dr. Mike and his loving staff. From the time she walked in the door they were extremely encouraging and incredibly patient with her as she screamed throughout each visit.

    She is now 10 and I’m happy to report that the screaming stopped years ago and her teeth are thriving! She says she enjoys going to see Dr. Mike because he is ‘funny’ and makes her appointments ‘fun’! Which is saying a lot coming from a child who has had 10 fillings and 4 teeth pulled. Ouch!

    Dr. DiMauro is doing what he was born to do. He has such a special gift with kids of all ages. He is caring, encouraging, and an excellent dentist. We are so grateful to him and his staff!
    -Kevin, Orlando